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our passion

how it started

A few years ago, my wife and I were going on a vacation and tried to board our dog Jake. Almost all boarders refused to take him in because he was a pit-bull mix. It didn’t matter that Jake is a sweetheart who loves dogs and people. It was at that point that I imagined a place where all friendly dogs are welcome no matter the breed.

It took a while, but in 2018 my wife and I decided it was time to realize that dream and so Aníbal Den was born. 

Our goal

Our goal is to have a central location for all of your pet needs. Imagine a place where all dogs are welcome to join our pack in a open cage environment where they will have plenty of exercise and activities with their fellow dogs and loving/trained caretakers, around the clock. 

We imagine a place where “bad” dogs can get the help they need without resorting to euthanasia. Affordable pet care, and more.

That is the vision for Aníbal Den and with your support we will be proud to make that place a reality.


Our Philosophy

We believe that all dogs are good boys and girls and it’s only through human mistreatment, abuse, and/or misunderstanding that dogs get into big trouble. We believe that we can do better as people. Though education and training, we believe that we can change the relationship between man and dog for the better so that no dog or any pet will ever have to be euthanized again because we simply don’t understand them. 

Team that provides
loving care

Sarah and Victor

Victor & Sarah Rodriguez


Husband and wife Victor & Sarah Rodriguez have over 50 years experience between them caring for animals. They are here to help busy people, in the Capital Region of NY, with their pet care needs at affordable and reasonable prices.

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