We Are Back and Ready to Serve You

It’s been just over a week since I last posted anything on The Den. Don’t worry, we are still here and we have every intention to post at least once a week. Our mission to educate the public about their pets is still on track and going strong.

We hope you all had a great and safe Fourth of July. Hopefully, you all still have all of your fingers and limbs. My wife and I decided to take a much needed working vacation to get our business moving forward in order to start taking on clients. For instance, we are now fully insured and we’ve signed up for advanced puppy first-aid classes. We want to be fully prepared for anything so that we may better serve you.

We also took a few days to do absolutely nothing. We had a nice time just resting, playing with Jake and Lucy, and laying in the sun next to the kiddy pool we bought for the dogs. Coincidently, the dogs just looked at the pool with confusion and the pool ultimately became a place for us to cool off under our Upstate New York sun.

However, all good things must come to an end and it is time to get back to work and serve you guys once again. We want to make sure that you know that you are free to ask us questions and we will do our best to answer it or point you in the right direction. We are here for you and we are so grateful for your support.

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I'm a professional dog walker who loves dogs. I'm here to walk puppies and to educate the public about their dogs.

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