The Pack

My name is Victor and I am a professional dog walker. My wife, Sarah, and I started this business to help busy individuals just like you with their essential dog walking needs. We understand that finding time to walk your dogs is an ever-growing challenge. We know because we are both animal lovers and owners ourselves. We live in Schenectady, NY with our two dogs Jake (Amstaff/Lab mix) and Lucy (Golden Lab cutie), and finding time to walk them while we were both working was difficult, to say the least.

We started this website for two reasons. To advertise our services for one, but more importantly, we started this business to educate people about their pets. Our goal is to educate everyone about their dogs. Because when we understand our pets better, we have a happier and healthier relationship with them.

Please look around. We’ll be posting insightful articles, interesting pictures, and informative videos about dog behavior, dog body language, and anything dog related. We hope that this website will help you understand what that tail wagging really means and more.

For those looking for dog walking services give us a call today 518-348-9880. We’d be happy to meet with you to discuss your specific situation. Welcome to Aníbal Den!