Drop-In Visits

You’re at work and management just sent you an email letting you know about tonight’s mandatory meeting. The meeting can go for hours and you have no idea when you’ll be home. Your poor dog is going to have to wait till late in the evening to go.

The vet gives you great news. Your dog is going to be fine, but he/she needs to be medicated three or five times a day. Unfortunately, coming up with a schedule to medicate your dog around work is somewhat of a challenge.

You just got a puppy for the family over the weekend, congratulations! Now, it’s Monday and you have to go to work. The kids are off to school and no one is around to let little Max out to potty. You’re sure to come home to a mess that not only will you have to clean, but it will thwart Fido’s house training.

If this sounds familiar and you need help, we are here for you. We can drop by any time during the day to take care of your dog and other pets too. Call us for a free consultation.


(518) 348-9880




We can:

  • Play with your dog
  • Feed & water
  • Medicate
  • Allow potty breaks
  • Spend time
  • And much more…