Dog Walking Services

By now you must realize the importance of regular structured walks for your dog. You understand that when they don’t get the exercise they need they can become stressed, depressed, and can develop behavioral issues. As a responsible dog owner, you don’t want your pet to be stressed or depressed, and most importantly, you DON’T want them to develop behavioral issues. So what can you do? Drop everything, and take your pup out for a nice 30-60 minute structured walk and then repeat daily for the life of your pup. I guarantee you that you will see an improvement in your dog’s behavior.

For those of you who can’t walk your dogs or just don’t have the time, give us a call. Sarah and I love walking dogs and we would love to help you out. See below for a plan that will work for you.

Choose a plan that works for you then call us to schedule an appointment

(518) 348-9880

Single Standard Walks (60 mins) $30/hour

1 dog – $5 each additional dog

Your dog should walk every day, but since you’re already are walking your dog daily, you may want to take a day off, or maybe you’re busy. Give us a call. We’d love to walk your pup.

Weekly Standard Walks (60 mins each) $110/week

1 dog – $20 each additional dog

We’ll pick up your dog and take him for a 60 minute daily walk around different locations in the Capital Region. Your pup will love the experience. Shorter and longer walks are also available.

Single Walks Weekly Walks
Treats PawPring PawPring
Towel off during rain PawPring PawPring
Cleaning up after the dog PawPring PawPring
Running $5 extra $5 extra per day
Shorter Walks 30 minutes $15 each $60/week
Longer Walks 2 hours each $50 each $225/week or
$40 extra per walk
Unique locations PawPring
Monday – Friday PawPring