Pet Services

While Sarah and I were working full time, we often hoped there were services available for the care of our pets. Life gets busy and often we have to make tough choices. As a busy professional, I’m sure you can agree how extremely difficult it can be to make time for your pets. More often than not, walking or playing with your dog is placed on the back burner indefinitely without realizing the consequences that can arise.


Aníbal Den offers an assortment of services to facilitate with your pet care needs.

Call us for a free consultation to determine how we may help you.

All of our services include:

  • Waste pick up and disposal
  • Litter clean up 
  • Treats for the pets
  • Structured walks*
  • Towel off when raining
  • “Accident” clean up

*Our dog walks are structured as follows:

30-minute walks

00-10 Walking/running

10-15 Rest and Sniffing 

15-30 Walking/running 

60-minute walks

00-10 Walking/running

10-15 Rest and Sniffing 

15-30 Walking/running

30-45 Rest and Sniffing

45-60 Walking/running 


2-hour walks repeats this


Our Daily Services

All daily services are Monday thru Friday only. Weekends are available for an extra fee.



30 minute visits

Feeding, medication, bathroom breaks, play time, and more… Once a day M-F.

Short Walks


30 minute walks

Thirty-minute daily walks, M-F, around his/her neighborhood.



60 minute walks 

One hour walks around different dog friendly locations in the greater capital region.

Long Walks


2 hour walks

Designed for high energy dogs. 



weekly or



Price includes yards up to 5K sq. ft. Larger yards are extra.

Consultation Services

Our consultation fees are $60 per hour. 


Thinking about adopting. Talk to us first. We can help you find the right pet for you and your family.

Structured Walks

We can teach you how to properly walk your dog and give them the exercise and adventures they need and deserve.


We may be able to help correct most behavioral problems with dogs and cats.


All other request not listed here will be considered. Give us a call to discuss your specific needs.

One-Time Services

Drop-in Visits


30 minutes

Feeding, medication, bathroom breaks, play time, and more…

Short Walk


30 minute walk 

Thirty-minute walk around his/her neighborhood.



60 minute walk

One-hour walk at a local trail or park.

Long Walk


2 hour walk

Two-hour walk at a local trail or park.



per ride 

We’ll take your pet to the vet, groomers, dog park, or any other appointment he/she may have.



per night

Pets are welcome to stay with us one night or as long as they need to. All pets get complementary daily walks with our pack.



per day

We can take care of your pet at your place for as long as you need us. We’ll feed, medicate, walk, and play with all of your pets.



up to 5K sq.ft

We’ll clean up any average sized yard up no matter how many pets you have. Larger yards extra.