Please read the following policies carefully before contacting Anibal Den. We love all animals, but we also adhere to a strict code to make sure everyone stays safe and healthy. And in order to do that, we need to establish some ground rules and we expect all of our clients to follow them. Those rules are all spelled out below.

All new daycare guests must go through a week trial period to see if they are a good fit with the rest of the pack. Unfortunately, not all dogs will be a good fit here. It doesn’t mean they’re bad dogs. It just means that their energy would be better served with a different pack. We take this very seriously and while we hate rejecting dogs, we have to for the safety of everyone, including your own pet.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding any of our policies, please feel free to contact us at any time.

    • All dogs must be spayed or neutered, NO EXCEPTIONS.
    • All dogs must be 100% housebroken. This is especially important for our daycare clients. Any dog that consistently has accidents in our home will be turned away. This breaks our hearts, but unfortunately, this is our home and we cannot afford constant accidents.
    • All dogs must be friendly towards other dogs and have no history of aggression towards other dogs or people. If a dog is in our care shows any signs of aggression we will take the appropriate actions to discipline the animal.
        • We are strong proponents of disciplining our animals. Dogs, just like children, need guidance in the form of rules. However, at no point will we use force, of any kind, to hurt any dog for any reason. We do not believe in hitting or abusing animals in any way shape or form. Our choice of discipline consists of stern voice, firm touch, and time-outs.
    • All daycare dogs must be picked up by 9 pm. There will be no pick-ups after 9 pm. If a daycare dog is not picked up before 9 pm, they will stay overnight, and a boarding charge will be applied.
    • Drop off times for daycare dogs are from 6 am to 8 pm.
    • We ask that while you are on our property that you practice ignoring the dogs. Do not touch, talk to, or make eye contact with any of our dogs. This is very important for the safety of everyone. We do our best to screen out aggressive dogs, but dogs are still animals and can be unpredictable towards strangers.
    • While COVID-19 is still a threat, we ask that everyone wear a mask while inside our home when dropping off or picking up their dogs. Hand sanitizer is available for everyone’s safety.
    • We ask that you book your dog’s stay as soon as you know you’re going to need one. Up to one year in advance. The closer we get to the range in question, the lower the chances that we’ll have room for your pet. 
    • Last-minute cancellations aren’t great, but life happens. We do not charge for late cancellations, but if we detect a pattern, we may refuse service in the future. 
    • Last-minute bookings are not ideal and you run the risk of our facility being booked. No dog is allowed in our facility without first going through a proper meet and greet, but if we’ve met them and have space we will accommodate them. We reserve the right to refuse service.
    • We currently accept cash, credit card, and Venmo for payment. 
    • We do not believe in late fees. Life happens and sometimes we forget. We understand that. However, constant late payments will not be tolerated. If we notice a pattern of late payment we may refuse service in the future.
    • We tend to fill up fast during the following holidays:
      New Year’s Eve and New Years Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving and day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
      If you anticipate you’ll need our services on these holidays we strongly advise you to put in a request as soon as possible.
    • We are a very small business consisting of just husband and wife team Victor and Sarah. Occasionally, we like to take vacations to spend some time with ourselves, decompress, and enjoy what life has to offer. However, we do our best to take our vacations during times that will not conflict with our clients.
    • Anibal Den only accepts friendly dogs to participate in daycare and to stay as a boarder. However, dogs can be unpredictable. We take measures to make sure altercations don’t occur, however, if they do we are trained to safely stop any altercation between dogs. When the altercation is stopped we will immediately do a thorough check of all dogs involved and assess the situation. We will contact you and will proceed accordingly if anyone requires medical attention. 
    • Most of the time, when these altercations do take place, it is mostly noise, but just to be on the safe side, we are trained to administer first aid while we wait for the emergency vet if they are needed. In rare cases like these, we are fully insured and if your animal were to need extensive medical care because of an altercation between another of our clients or one of our animals, we’d be liable for the vet cost. 
    • However, if an altercation were to happen outside our premises, by an outside animal, we do not accept responsibility. Rest assured, that we take all precautions to prevent any incident. All of our walkers are armed with pepper spray and are fully trained to evade an attack by a predator, and while events like those are extremely rare, they may happen. We can not take responsibility for it. 
    • If a pet is not home during pick up times we will not wait for them to arrive. There is no monetary penalty, however, if we detect a pattern we may refuse service in the future.
    • When boarding with us… 
        • We ask that you supply us with their normal food. A dog’s stomach can be very sensitive to a sudden change in diet. Food bowls on the other hand we ask that you hold on to those. We have plenty of them here and your dog’s bowl stands a chance of becoming a dog chew toy.
        • Feel free to bring beds, blankets, toys, and special treats if you think it’ll make them feel more comfortable. Make sure you label all of your dog’s belongings. However, please be aware that any property has the potential of becoming a chew toy by another dog.
        • Please provide us with clear, written feeding instructions for your dog.
        • If your dog free-feeds throughout the day, please note that there is a good chance they may not eat for a few days while they’re here. Since we have many dogs staying here, we can not leave food out because it will be gone in minutes. We feed everyone at the same time. Once at 7:30 am and once at 7:30 pm.
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