Nothing But Rubble

This is Rubble. He’s a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who is staying with us for a week. Their parents had a bad experience boarding him once and this time around they were looking for an alternative to boarding. Fortunate for everyone, we were available to offer this service.

When dogs are boarded, they usually stick the dog in a cage and pretty much forgotten about. They may feed them, they might even sneak in the occasional pat on the head, but I doubt they are giving the dog their full attention. They can’t. They have a lot of dogs to look after so it would be wasting their resources to give each individual dog their full attention. I honestly don’t blame them. They are there to make money, not to socialize with the dogs.

We are different. We love dogs and we love having them in our home. We love to watch them play with our own dogs and try to make friends with our cats. But we are also very vigilant. Dogs can be unpredictable if you don’t speak dog. We are fluent, so we are constantly making sure that everyone is getting along just fine.

In the case of Rubble here, he took to our dog Jake right away and Jake was so excited to have him over. When Rubble’s parents dropped him off on Sunday, we took Rubble and Jake for a nice long walk just to get them bonded. The walk is powerful. Nothing builds a relationship and trust between two dogs than a well-structured walk.

When we got back, the two dogs were exhausted and they both passed out for hours. At dinner time, we fed everyone and put them outside to take care of their business. Jake is a 13-year-old Amstaff/Lab mix. He’s a strong dog, but gentle. I know that he is good with other animals because I’ve seen him with other animals. All he wants to do is play. So I had no worries when it came letting the two dogs out in the yard to do their thing.

Within a few minutes, this one-year-old puppy and this 13-year old dog were chasing each other, playing, and having a great time doing so. They were playing like they were long lost friends. I can’t tell you how heartwarming it is to watch two dogs at play.

Rubble has also been helping around the house with our jobs. He’s helped Sarah out by laying on her lap to make sure she doesn’t float away. And he’s helped me walk a client’s dog. He’s very giving and very skilled.

At night, when we go to bed, Rubble gets on our bed and sleeps all night with us. He’s a sweet little guy and we’re sure going to miss him when the week is over. I hope that when Rubble gets home, he goes home with good memories of people who cared for him, loved him, played with him and not be traumatized by being stuck in a cage all week and forgotten about.

If you’re looking for an alternative to boarding, and I recommend that you do, your dog deserves it. Give us a call to check for availability. If you’re not in the area, or if we’re not a good fit for you, try Lots of good people, animal loving people, would love the chance to board your dog and give them all of the attention and love they need. Pets are family, not an inconvenience to be put aside like a car in a garage. We are here to treat your dog like our family.

Published by Victor Rodriguez

I'm a professional dog walker who loves dogs. I'm here to walk puppies and to educate the public about their dogs.

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