Neighborhood Program

Anibal Den understands that your income is a valuable asset. However, even when cash is tight, your dog still needs to be walked. That’s why we offer our neighborhood program to save you up to 50% on your walking services.

The more the merrier

We can walk up to 10 dogs at time. We could walk more, but it might look odd.

Save up to 50%

The more people in your neighborhood that sign up for walks, the more you save.

The benefits of the pack

All dogs will benefit greatly from walking as a pack. It is instinctual and it is beautiful.

All friendly dogs are welcome to walk

Anibal Den does not discriminate against dog breeds. They are all dogs as far as we are concerned. And that goes for ALL breeds from chihuahuas to pit-bull type dogs. A dog is a dog. With that said, we want all of our dogs to be safe. We understand that sometimes dogs just don’t like another and fights do happen. We are more than capable to stop and take control of a situation where two dogs are in a spat. What we will not in entertain is handling any dog that exhibits any potential dangerous or aggressive behavior towards any other animal or people. Anibal Den’s walker will have the final say on the temperment judgement of the animals. 

How does it work?

It’s simple. Give us a call and let us know who in your neighborhood is interested in signing up for daily walks. All we’d need is their contact information, phone, email, text… And we’ll do the rest. As people sign up your weekly amount will decrease. 

Daily Walkers Weekly Dues
1 $60/normal dues
2 $48 each/20% savings
3 $42 each/30% savings
4 $36 each/40% savings
5+ $30 each/50% savings

Everyone benefits

The more people who sign up their dogs for daily walks the more everyone saves. Everyone benefits with this program. The neighborhood puppies get to socialize. They get their exercise. They get to explore their surroundings reducing boredom which helps to reduce unwanted behavior. The neighborhood will benefit from the reduced price, but they will also benefit from better behaved dogs, less separation anxiety, less destructive behavior, less neighborhood barking. And finally, YOU benefit from all of the above plus your wallet will thank you.