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Bad dogs.

Contrary to what you’ve heard, your dog doesn’t chew your shoes out of spite for leaving him/her alone all day. Plain and simple your dog is just bored. Your dog is home all day, by themselves with nothing to do. They can’t turn on the TV and catch up with the latest episodes of The Wire, or browse the web for the latest cat meme, or call up his friends to gab about the FedEx man new scent.

Take in the

Unlike humans, who take in the world through sight and sound, dogs take in the world through smell. We stay current via social news feeds. Dogs, on the other hand, catch up with local news by sniffing their surroundings. The world is a dog’s Facebook and going for walks is like us catching up with friends on social media. 

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Professional dog walkers are here to help. We can never replace your essential walks with your dog, but we can supplement and everyone benefits. Your dog gets the exercise they need, socialize with people, and of course, you gain some “Me” time. Plus the following benefits:

  • Structured Walks™
  • Free walk training
  • Regular text updates
  • Lots of love

Our Structured Walks™ are designed to challenge your dog both physically and mentally. Just like humans, dogs need jobs to feel proud of themselves. The walk is a perfect outlet for that missing element. When your dog walks with us, he/she walks with purpose, proud, focused, and happy. Structured walks are the key to minimizing unwanted behavior. Dogs that pull, and sniff everything they want do not get the same benefit that we offer.

Our daily walks are Monday thru Friday. Weekend walks are also available, when requested, for $12 per walk for one dog for Standard Walks and $22 for Extended Walks. Additional dogs are $5 extra per walk.

Longer walks are also available for more active dogs. For pricing information please give us a call to discuss your dog’s specific needs. 

Standard Walks

30 mins/M-F
$ 60
per week

  • One dog
  • 30 minutes daily walks
  • Around his/her area
  • Free treats
  • Towel off (When raining)

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Additional Dogs for $5 extra per dog per walk

Extended Walks

1 hour/M-F
$ 110
per week

  • One dog
  • 1 hour daily walks
  • At a local park/trail
  • Free treats
  • Towel off (When raining)

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Additional Dogs for $5 extra per dog per walk

mischieve or what?

Dogs NEED to walk. No exceptions.


Would you like your dog to stop chewing on your shoes, or furniture, or relieving him/herself when you’re at work?


Remember, boredom is just as stressful for you and as it is for your dog.


Structured walks. There’s no other way around it. Training is not very likely to help. Imagine what you’d do if you were bored out of your mind.


Take your dog out for daily walks for at least one hour a day. You can split things up by doing one 30-minute in the morning and another later in the day. If you’re pressed for time, we’d be happy to help.