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Dog Guests

All friendly dogs are welcome to stay as long as they need to at our cage-free home. We will care for them as if they were our own. They are free to roam around our home and interact with us, our two dogs, and our cats.   

Friendly Environment.

Our facility is filled with friendly staff and pets who are eager to meet and play with new friends. And unlike some of our competitors playtime and cuddles are always free.

Stay &

While your dog is with us he will be treated with the same love and attention as our own pets and we love our pets. One of us is always home so your dog is never alone for very long. Their stay includes the following:

  • Cage-free ambiance
  • Lots of Treats
  • Fenced-in yard
  • Free photo
  • Regular text updates
  • Lots of love
  • Lots of play and
  • Snuggles

We ask that you bring enough of their own food to last for their entire stay. We would love to feed your dog our Blue Buffalo™ however, changing a dog’s diet so drastically will most likely cause your dog some stomach discomforts. We’d like to avoid that as much as possible. Please be sure to let us know if your dog has any food allergies or he/she is not allowed certain treats for whatever reason. Otherwise, your dog will be spoiled with us. 

Finally, if your dog is used to sleeping in a crate and he/she is comfortable with their crate, then, by all means, feel free to bring one with you. We do not use them with our pets, but we will respect your wishes if you do.

Short Stays

1-3 Nights
$ 30
per night
  • One dog
  • One night
  • All the trimmings

Extended Stays

4+ Nights
$ 20
per night
  • One dog
  • One night
  • All the trimmings

All friendly dogs are welcome

Anibal Den does not discriminate against dog breeds. They are all dogs as far as we are concerned. And that goes for ALL breeds from chihuahuas to pit-bull type dogs. A dog is a dog. With that said, we want all of our dogs to be safe. We understand that sometimes dogs just don’t like another and fights do happen. We are more than capable to stop and take control of a situation where two dogs are in a spat. What we will not in entertain is handling any dog that exhibits any potentially dangerous or aggressive behavior towards any other animal or people. Anibal Den will have the final say on the temperament judgment of the animal.


Cage-free means that our guests are not kept in cages while they stay here. They are treated as members of our own pack and receive the same level of attention as our own pets. The results are a positive experience that your dog will love and appreciate.


Along with a cage-free environment and lots of attention, your dog will get daily walks when weather permits, free behavioral training, regular text or email updates, and if time permits a printed photo of your pooch.

Competative Prices

Our prices are very competitive and affordable. Anibal Den loves animals especially dogs. We’d do this for free, but our creditors don’t accept dog kisses as payment.

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