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Your dog can earn money.

We walk your dog every day. Why not put those miles to good work? With our rewards program, you earn money that we will donate to one of three animal-related charities that we have selected. We keep track of the miles your dog accumulates and when your dog reaches 25 miles we’ll make a $25 donation to the APF, The Humane Society, or the ASPCA in your dog’s    name.

How it works.

Some dogs walk faster than others. Some only walk a few paces and they’re done, others could go all day. But do not worry. We’ll keep a tally of those walks and when your pooch has reached his/her goal we’ll let you know with a commemorative photo award noting your donation. You don’t have to do anything other than tell us what your favorite charity is and we’ll do the rest. It’s our way of saying thank you!

  • APF
  • Humane Society

We are proud supporters of the APF and other animal related charity programs. That’s why we’ve create this reward system. It gives us an opportunity to give back but also include our clients in the process. As a valued client, you have a choice as to where you’d like your donation to go and we’ll do the rest. Every 25 miles we’ll donate for you.